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Our professional services are tailored to your very own needs by putting forward the right advice and strategy to ensure you receive the desired outcome for you and your business.

We offer advice and representation on both lease renewals and rent reviews as well as advising either a landlord or a tenant on their lease obligations and future events which may impact on their position.

For business tenants seeking to secure a property for relocation purposes or to establish their first location, we offer representation services to ensure the deal you are signing for is the best deal possible on the table.

Professional Property Services

Our expertise can enable us to guide you through all applicable terms and responsibilities you will have in the proposed lease to prevent you encountering any unforeseen situations during the lease term.

To find out more on this service or if you require representation on a forthcoming lease event or simply wish to seek advice and recommendations on an existing lease you are associated with, please get in touch to discuss how we can help you.

Lease renewals

Renewing a lease provides security for both parties and can impact upon the overall value of the asset especially if the tenant decides to agree to a longer lease term than previous.

Our team of surveyors have represented and advised both landlords and tenants at renewal using local market knowledge and assessing trends to ensure the new lease terms are what would be expected in the current open market.

Rent reviews

Often leases contain a rent review clause to allow the landlord to review the current rent compared to the current open market. Some leases stipulate the rent to be reviewed against the Retail Price Index (RPI) or Consumer Price Index (CPI) as well as what rent could be achieved if the property was available on the open market today.

Our experts can offer professional advice and guidance to either a landlord or a tenant upon a forthcoming rent review or perhaps a review that is yet to be triggered and provide a clear strategy and expected outcome when it comes to negotiating with the other party.

Rent Reviews

Lease consultancy

Whether you are unsure on specific obligations in your lease or need further guidance and advice to ensure you are adhering to all the lease terms that are outlined, our experts can guide you through your lease and what is expected from you during the lease term however long or short it may be.

We offer clients thorough advice on future lease events that can help them to implement a clear strategy for their business either as a landlord or a tenant.

Schedule of condition surveys

At the end of a lease term, disputes between landlords and tenants can often occur as a result of the state of repair the property has been handed back by the tenant.

Having a fully documented schedule of condition prior to a lease being signed can remove the hassle and headache endured when the time comes to handing the property back to the landlord.

Our surveyors can prepare a detailed schedule of condition to be annexed to the proposed lease and agreed by both parties prior to completion.

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Get in touch with our team today to discuss your commercial property requirements. Our experts are on hand to offer free, impartial advice and to share more information about how we can support your in achieving your commercial property goals.


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